Tuesday, October 29, 2013

September in Ennis and the Bozeman Rod Gathering

The month of September brought an opportunity to my father and I that really was unbelievable.  We were guests of Judi Shelton at her home on the Madison river near Ennis Montana.  From her front porch one could see the Varney bridge.  Luckily, the Bozeman bamboo rod gathering took place during our stay out there and we spent that day with a bunch of great guys.  We met Dave Delisi from Sweetgrass rods, eventually visiting Sweetgrass, meeting Glenn Bracket and the rest of the crew there as well.  They were generous with their time, warm and welcoming.

Somewhere over the rainbow...  Madison river, Ennis Montana

Dad thought he might have trouble getting those dogs back from Judi!

Tom Morgan, Gerri Carlson, Dave and Dave...

We met Bill Blackburn at the Bozeman gathering.  Bill works with Tom Morgan whom we also visited at a later time during the month where we enjoyed the company and lemonade of Gerri Carlson as well as Tom.  Once again, generous, warm, and welcoming.  A tour of Toms shop was fun and educational as well.

Danny Boy

Doc Lohse, Ennis MT. We met Doc in the cafe, 94 years old, full of energy.  He invited us to fish the spring creek that ran through his yard which we did!  Quite delightful.

Off the deck at Judi's, note; moose and Madison in the background!

And yes, even a Graying!

Dad caught this 18" Brookie in a small creek on the divide, south and west of Ennis.  The fish eluded him for two hours as he drifted every fly in the box. 


It's not all fly rods and rivers!  Time for a hike in the mountains!

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